How do you find peace when your world seems to be crumbling down? What do you do when life seems to going on around you, but not within you?

That's what I asked myself when my husband was suddenly killed in 2007.

I felt as if all meaning was dissolving and began a journey to see how I could recapture it.....remember it.

From doing a pilgrimage in Spain, studying meditation and yoga in India, Nepal and Bali. Experiencing sweat lodges, transformation and Healers. Becoming trained in firewall, Shamanic practices and energy healing. Traveling the world over. Studying the ways of the Native Americans and Aboriginals...

 I did a lot....and while doing it, became more and more at peace....more and more open to life after the unplanned... more and more open that we have the tools within us, not outside of us, to find joy, curiosity, connection and calm in life.

While in Thailand, I was struck that the Buddhist Monks would welcome anyone, for whatever period of time, to teach them mindfulness no charge...because they believe that inner peace is a right, not something to charge someone for. I was struck by their love and belief in a stranger, expecting nothing in return but a smile. 

I believe our world starts becoming a better place when we start learning to look and love at what's within us.

If we can build a base of unfaltering love, hope and compassion for ourselves, we can do it for others....and begin the positive ripple effect our world so needs.

In our culture we are led to believe that if it's not the newest, most expensive, hardest to attain or travel to, that we can disregard it in having any real meaning or value. Yet, the most beneficial things we can do for ourselves are no charge and with no new editions to buy each year.

Taking note and with 9 years of running retreats and empowerment workshops, I decided to start the Introspection Initiative (aka Intro.Init), a non-profit organization offering women  a safe-haven to reconnect from the inside out by offering affordable retreats, mindfulness training and holistic care. 

Self-acceptance, authenticity, peace and's our right...join me in reclaiming it.


With love from your fellow Soul Explorer,