In 2012,  I took a solo trip to India.

I had been studying Buddhism and had a pretty regular meditation practice and wanted to head to the birthplace of Siddhartha (The OG Buddha).

I booked my flights. got my visa and had no clue that I'd be opening a door into a part of myself I didn't know existed.

I let go and let the gods take the lead.

From daily Ayurvedic therapies and meals,exploring the streets of Bengalaru, spending time at the local orphanage, working in the gardens, yoga, meditation, and etc. etc. etc. etc.

A blog or words could not sum up the magic of this place.

But the most magical part of all? The people.

The most beautiful, loving, joy filled people.

I found myself with tears in my eyes as I departed.

This place will change you.

Check out this video, it is as spot on as it "just for the camera" here....